Paris Opera Ballet

Notre-Dame de Paris

In Cinemas 28, 29 Aug & 1 Sep
Jean-François Verdier
Orchestre de l'Opéra national de Paris
Amandine Albisson (Esmerelda), Stéphane Bullion (Quasimodo), Mathias Heymann (Frollo), Florian Magnenet (Pheobus), Les Étoiles, les Premiers Danseurs et le Corps de Ballet de l’Opéra
Maurice Jarre
Roland Petit
René Allio
Captured live (without audience) from Opéra Bastille, Paris 1 Apr 2021
  • Highly enjoyable. Petit is a clear, effective dance storyteller; he distills narrative to its essentials, often blending realism and fantasy. Theatricality and visual impact are the objectives.
    Roslyn Sulcas, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Ballet in two acts and thirteen scenes (1967)

Roland Petit’s first piece for the Paris Opera Ballet in 1965 brings together all the ingredients of a grand spectacle. The ballet was inspired by Victor Hugo’s masterpiece, with its colourful characters: the beautiful Esmerelda (Amandine Albisson), the touching Quasimodo (Stéphane Bullion), the machiavellian Frollo (Mathias Heymann) and the cynical Pheobus (Florian Magnenet). 

With colourful and graphic costumes by Yves Saint Laurent and sets by the painter René Allio that recreate the splendour of the Parisian cathedral, the choreography, sustained by the ensemble of the company’s dancers, translates all the expressive power of characters plunged into a saga of love and death. 

To mark the tenth anniversary of the choreographer’s death, the Corps de Ballet revives this magnificent fresco in dance on the stage of Opéra Bastille.

Paris Opera Ballet

The Paris Opera Ballet, rich in historical tradition, stages some 180 performances per season in Paris, the French regions and abroad. Over the years it has played host to many of the world’s greatest choreographers: George Balanchine, Serge Lifar, Rudolf Nureyev, Roland Petit, Maurice Béjart, and of course Pina Bausch.

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