La Fenice

La Favorita

In Cinemas 22, 23, 24 & 27 Jul 2016
Donato Renzetti
Orchestra of Teatro La Fenice
Veronica Simeoni, John Osborn, Vito Priante
Gaetano Donizetti
Rosetta Cucchi
Set Design
Claudio Marino Moretti
Sung in French, with English subtitles
Captured live from Teatro La Fenice, Venice 14 Jun 2016

New Production! On stage at La Fenice for the first time in French (after its 20th-century revivals in Italian in 1965 and 1988), Donizetti’s great romantic opera unfolds against the background of the Moorish invasions of Spain and power struggles between church and state. The story charts a love triangle involving Alfonso, King of Castile (Vito Priante), his mistress ('the favourite') Léonore (Veronica Simeoni), and her lover Fernand (John Osborn).

One of the masterpieces in Donizetti’s prolific production, La Favorita debuted at the Paris Opéra on 2 December, 1840. It is an extraordinary grand-opéra, with outstanding arias, lavish sets and ballet in which Donizetti shows he has understood French taste perfectly, skilfully adapting the Italian soul of his compositions. A blood and thunder opera with court intrigue, religion, betrayal, hidden identities and discoveries, in which love is sacrificed for deception and state reasons, in a crescendo of opulent sonority.

La Fenice

The exceptional Teatro La Fenice (the Phoenix) in Venice first opened in 1792 to replace the Teatro San Benedetto, destroyed by fire in 1774. La Fenice itself has twice been badly damaged by fire. In 2003 the theatre was restored, closely following the Meduna brothers’ 1837 design. Known worldwide for its dramatic beauty, La Fenice is also known for being the cradle of many great operas. It was the site of the infamous fiasco at the premiere of La Traviata, and of the great triumphs of Tancredi, Ernani and Rigoletto that helped launch the careers of Rossini and Verdi.

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